freebsd IT mailing list or newsgroup?

Jim Durham durham at
Sat Jan 15 08:47:57 PST 2005

I am the sys admin for a company of about 500 people and I am running 
Sendmail/Procmail/Spamassassin, Samba, Apache/PHP/MySql on FreeBSD..about 8 
servers in 3 offices across the US and soon to be more.

Freebsd-questions is wonderful and I find a lot of answers there, but the 
signal-to-noise is low when you are just looking for IT-oriented information 
regarding FreeBSD. Especially regarding systems implemented for an office/LAN 

I was wondering if there is any mailing list or newsgroup devoted to IT on 
FreeBSD? Google is not returning any hits on this, nor the listing on 

If such a list or newsgroup does not exist, would there be any interest in 
starting one or both?


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