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On Fri, Jan 14, 2005 at 07:16:33PM -0500, Freebsd0101 at wrote:
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> kris at writes:
> >> I know how linux, windows, openbsd and every other major open
> >> source project works, and I know how FreeBSD
> >> used to work. I don't know of any other "open source" project
> >> that abandons its best version to spend 2 years working on 
> >> a re-write.
> >>
> >Me either, including FreeBSD.
> -----
> Ah, so if you are  in complete and total denial of "reality", how
> can you claim that other don't understand it? All
> of the above has been proven, so why don't you think it 
> applies to FreeBSD? Speak.

I smirk at your "proven" claims.  I point at you and laugh at your
strident "proof" that FreeBSD 4.x doesn't support a particular
chipset, in the face of reports that it does, in fact, support the
chipset (earlier mails that you pretended not to see).

Welcome back to my killfile (although I doubt you'll stay there long
because of your desperate need to hear your own voice).

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