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Fri Jan 14 16:16:56 PST 2005

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kris at writes:
>> I know how linux, windows, openbsd and every other major open
>> source project works, and I know how FreeBSD
>> used to work. I don't know of any other "open source" project
>> that abandons its best version to spend 2 years working on 
>> a re-write.
>Me either, including FreeBSD.
Ah, so if you are  in complete and total denial of "reality", how
can you claim that other don't understand it? All
of the above has been proven, so why don't you think it 
applies to FreeBSD? Speak.

You seem like one of these guys who claims to understand
"the world" but has no ability to verbalize it. Saying you can't
explain because I wouldn't understand is is a cop out, worthy 
of the fraud you are.

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