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Fri Jan 14 10:53:00 PST 2005

> In a message dated 1/13/05 11:27:40 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
> atkielski.anthony at writes:
> BS> Oh, but I do understand! FreeBSD is not good choice for companies
> BS> that need support for the latest hardware.
> >It's not a question of latest, it's a question of which hardware.
> >FreeBSD, like all operating systems, targets a broad but not universal
> >user base, and so the mix of hardware that it supports doesn't cover
> >every conceivable device, although it will naturally overlap for the
> >most part with any other OS.
> >For example, given the predominance of FreeBSD as a heavy-duty server 
> ------
> You clearly haven't been paying attention....

No, you clearly haven't been paying attention!

The entire point of this _extended_ "discussion" is that people who begin 
their posts with ridicule and name calling are not likely to get any 
positive response - regardless of their high opinions of themselves.

Though, some people have repeatedly told you that, for their applications, 
FreeBSD works best and for some situations it does not, you just want to 
harp on a narrow item that no-one disputes.  Then you pretend that you 
are revealing something to the world for which the world responds, 'duh'.

You completely ignore the point that in the type of environment that 
FreeBSD is created and used, which is non-paid volunteers making solutions 
to their own problems and then sharing them free of charge with the general 
community, work gets done on what those unpaid volunteers are able to work 
on with what resources they have.   

In that type of environment it is very reasonable, normal, to say, 
OK.  If you are having a problem with that point, do some work to 
fix it and submit the improvement to be included in the whole.   
The volunteers who are working on actually contributing to the project 
rather than just shooting off their mouths trying to tear it down, do 
not have the resources to buy every piece of quality or junk that is 
out there and do development for it.  They have to work on their own stuff.

Further, if a vendor does not choose to help the project function on their 
own piece of quality or junk hardware, there is very little the volunteers
can do to make them do it.   Note, it has nothing to do with how hot the 
piece of quality or junk is.  It has to do with if the unpaid volunteers, 
in their spare time, can undertake to do some work to support that piece 
of quality or junk.   Sure, some enlightened companies permit some of their 
staff to work on relevant issues on company time.  That doesn't change 
anything.   They are still only doing work on what is useful to the 
employer and it is supplied to the general community, gratis.
They are not working to market a competing OS.

So, the response you have repeatedly received, that if you cannot make 
a useful contribution or add to the useful pool of information for those 
actually freely making useful contributions, then your behavior is a drag 
on the community.   Quit pretending you have anything useful to say and 
let the real people get back to work without having to endure your trash.

Continually trying to drag the community down without making any
useful contribution is the worst of being a troll - or as I previously
commented, I hate to denigrate the good name of troll in this case.

> The entire point of this extended discussion, for those who have paid
> attention, is that FreeBSD 4.x, which is admittedly the fastest version
> available, DOES NOT work with intel's fastest CPUs because it doesnt
> support the necessary chipsets, AND, that freebsd "people" would 
> rather ridicule people that ask why than fix things.
> So your claim that its a "heavy-duty server" platform is tainted by the 
> fact that in order to use the fastest server Mobos, you have to use the 
> slower, 
> still-under-development 5.x. Which seems counterproductive for an O/S
> that is trying to establish itself as a choice as a server platform.

Nobody is establishing anything.   FreeBSD is created by volunteers who 
want to have it to use and they kindly make their efforts available to 
the world free of charge.    Because of this, others, finding needs, add 
their own contributions because they want that correction made or that 
ability added.  Some of us just sit our here and gratefully eat up the 
good stuff and hope it keeps on coming - maybe post an occasional
suggestion or answer to a question.  It is as simple and straight forward 
as that.  People who discover and like it, tell others who are free to like 
it or not to like it and are invited to contribute if they are able.
But, useless diatribes, belittling and name calling is unwelcome.

So, just changing your Email address makes no difference.  The
behavior remains unhelpful, unnecessary and better off undone.
Trying to tie it to some supposed technical issue changes nothing.


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