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Greg Barniskis nalists at
Fri Jan 14 10:53:56 PST 2005

That always cheerful and bright troll at aol wrote:
> So your claim that its a "heavy-duty server" platform is tainted by the 
> fact that in order to use the fastest server Mobos, you have to use the 
> slower, 
> still-under-development 5.x. Which seems counterproductive for an O/S
> that is trying to establish itself as a choice as a server platform.

As was pretty clearly explained in previous threads, FreeBSD 5.x is 
slower than 4.x *at certain tasks under certain conditions* because 
it is rather considerably more featureful and complex than 4.x 
(duh?). It has also been said to be rather faster than 4.x at 
certain other tasks under other conditions, so your mantra of "5.x 
is slow" is really growing a bit thin. If the rough spots bother 
you, please contribute patches, contribute money, contribute 
hardware, or... at the very least, stop changing your address so I 
can plonk you once and for all without resorting to nuking the 
entire aol domain. 8-P

I've been using FreeBSD since 2.1 (has it really been 8 years?) 
because the development seems so consistently focused on being the 
"best" as measured by solidity, consistency, standards conformance 
and clarity of component boundaries rather than "best" as in 
slickest-looking or fastest through the gate. If speed comes by 
cutting corners, bending rules or mixing up things that are rightly 
separated, I don't want it, thanks anyway.

Many, many thanks to all who contribute work, or money, or sage 
advice, or the very least, a bit of good humor to this project and list.

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