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Charles Swiger cswiger at
Fri Jan 14 10:46:27 PST 2005

On Jan 14, 2005, at 12:56 PM, Freebsd0101 at wrote:
> The entire point of this extended discussion, for those who have paid
> attention, is that FreeBSD 4.x, which is admittedly the fastest version
> available, DOES NOT work with intel's fastest CPUs because it doesnt
> support the necessary chipsets,

Let's pretend for a second that what you've claimed here is completely 
accurate rather than exaggerated for rhetorical purposes.

What are you doing to help, TM4321 at aol, or whatever your new handle for 
today is?

You've got access to the FreeBSD source code, Intel publishes lots of 
data about their chipsets, so between the two, you've got everything 
you need to change FreeBSD to work on the specific motherboards you 
care so much about.  Either you make positive contributions, or you 
choose not to-- in which case you are wasting your time.

> AND, that freebsd "people" would rather ridicule people that ask why 
> than fix things.

The overwhelming majority of people on the FreeBSD lists are polite and 
helpful, but some people are willing to make exceptions for trolls.

If you don't like being ridiculed, try doing something constructive for 
a change and compare the response you get to your current approach.  
Even if you fail to learn anything, you will at least benefit by acting 
like a productive human being for the duration.


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