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Ramiro Aceves ea1abz at
Fri Jan 14 03:14:15 PST 2005

Hello FreeBSD Friends.

I have just arrived to the FreeBSD world. I am not an expert on 
anything, I am only a computer fan and use my computer mainly for my 
engineering work and hobbies (amateur radio, photography, astronomy, 
etc.). I come from a happy  Debian GNU/Linux experience. I paid 
attention on FreeBSD when reading a Linux magazine and  installed it two 
months ago. I really do not have any important reasons to change, but I 
admit that I am impressed and  I like FreeBSD very much, and my interest 
on it is incresing everyday. I like its centralized  development  and 
its separation between the OS and the ports. Perhaps one day I will do 
the change, but I first must feel safe and confortable with the FreeBSD, 
the same that when I changed from WinDog to Linux.

I do not like linux-FreeBSD wars. I hate them. Both are good operating 
systems with their pros and cons. Many of you tell that Linux is a 
desktop OS, and that it is a chaothic OS. I do not agree with that, and 
If you argue that, you do not know Linux well. When I speak about Linux, 
I mean Debian or Gentoo. I do not think that they are chaothic or 
intended for desktop. Debian put all the pieces together in one OS that 
is in order and works nicely. Gentoo portage philosophy is similiar to 
FreeBSD ports.

People on the FreeBSD and Debian GNU/Linux mailing lists are very kind 
and help you in any case, if you ask questions politely and you have 
searched and read tha manuals first.
So, why do we start always the war? The real war should be against the 
Bill Gates OSes, instead of fighting among us. I have never heard a bad 
word about FreeBSD on the Linux lists. Indeed, I think that most of 
Linux people do not even know thet FreeBSD exists, some of them think 
that it is another Linux distribution. On the oposite side, I have heard 
several people hating Linux on this list, even comparing it  with 
WinDogs :-(

I hate the following wars:

BSD license  vs GPL license
Linux vs xBSD
bash vs tcsh
text apps vs X apps
CUPS vs lpr

I think we should cooperate instead of fighting. Indeed, BSD code is on 
Linux OSes, and GNU software is on FreeBSD ports...... etc...

Thank you very much and sorry for my bad english.

Just my 2 euro cents.

Ramiro Aceves. (Spain)

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