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Ed Budd ebudd at
Fri Jan 14 03:42:09 PST 2005

Ramiro Aceves wrote:
> Hello FreeBSD Friends.
> I have just arrived to the FreeBSD world. I am not an expert on 
> anything, I am only a computer fan and use my computer mainly for my 
> engineering work and hobbies (amateur radio, photography, astronomy, 
> etc.). I come from a happy  Debian GNU/Linux experience. I paid 
> attention on FreeBSD when reading a Linux magazine and  installed it two 
> months ago. I really do not have any important reasons to change, but I 
> admit that I am impressed and  I like FreeBSD very much, and my interest 
> on it is incresing everyday. I like its centralized  development  and 
> its separation between the OS and the ports. Perhaps one day I will do 
> the change, but I first must feel safe and confortable with the FreeBSD, 
> the same that when I changed from WinDog to Linux.
> I do not like linux-FreeBSD wars. I hate them. Both are good operating 
> systems with their pros and cons. Many of you tell that Linux is a 
> desktop OS, and that it is a chaothic OS. I do not agree with that, and 
> If you argue that, you do not know Linux well. When I speak about Linux, 
> I mean Debian or Gentoo. I do not think that they are chaothic or 
> intended for desktop. Debian put all the pieces together in one OS that 
> is in order and works nicely. Gentoo portage philosophy is similiar to 
> FreeBSD ports.
> People on the FreeBSD and Debian GNU/Linux mailing lists are very kind 
> and help you in any case, if you ask questions politely and you have 
> searched and read tha manuals first.
> So, why do we start always the war? The real war should be against the 
> Bill Gates OSes, instead of fighting among us. I have never heard a bad 
> word about FreeBSD on the Linux lists. Indeed, I think that most of 
> Linux people do not even know thet FreeBSD exists, some of them think 
> that it is another Linux distribution. On the oposite side, I have heard 
> several people hating Linux on this list, even comparing it  with 
> WinDogs :-(
> I hate the following wars:
> BSD license  vs GPL license
> Linux vs xBSD
> bash vs tcsh
> text apps vs X apps
> CUPS vs lpr
> I think we should cooperate instead of fighting. Indeed, BSD code is on 
> Linux OSes, and GNU software is on FreeBSD ports...... etc...
> Thank you very much and sorry for my bad english.
> Just my 2 euro cents.

FWIW I share your sentiments. FreeBSD absolutely rocks IMO, but so does 
OpenBSD and Gentoo. I use all three in areas I've felt play to their 
particular strengths and personalities. Having been on this list for 
many months now, I have also observed that there are plenty of other 
multi-platform folks hanging out here. I think the anti-Linux crowd is 
in the minority (though occasionally quite vocal). Most of us have 
enough "love" to share across multiple operating systems.

Er...except Windows...that just sucks :)


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