Hosts.allow and netatalk/cups

Bob Hall rjhjr at
Mon Jan 10 23:31:49 PST 2005

Three questions:

How do I cause changes in the hosts.allow file to take effect without
rebooting? Everything I've seen says to restart inetd, but I'm not using

How do I compile netatalk without CUPS? I don't see any obvious
switches, but there has to be something that tells Make to use CUPS,
because it gives a message saying that it's checking if CUPS can be

How do I get netatalk to use the dbd cnid scheme? It ignores the 
	path   name	cnidscheme:dbd
setting in AppleVolumes.default and the 
	- -cnidserver localhost:4700
setting in afpd.conf. Regardless of what the cnidscheme setting is, it
announces that's there's no cnid scheme selected and uses the default.

Bob Hall

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