netatalk, NFS, OS X and backup

Martin Hepworth maxsec at
Mon Jan 10 07:45:39 PST 2005

have you looked at amanda? Uses it's daemons to transfer the data, and
you can select where to comress (on client or server).

works well when used with hfstar on MacOS X ...

restores are normally done by the admin and currently its a
plans AFAIK to make this a gui.


On Fri, 7 Jan 2005 11:29:59 -0500, Alan Curtis <acurtis at> wrote:
> I need some advice about integrating my FreeBSD server with some Macs
> running OS X.
> I have a server running FreeBSD 5.3 with NFS and netatalk enabled, a
> Powerbook G4 running OS X 10.3.7 and they are connected through a
> wireless network. I used the Powerbook to administer the server using
> ssh, which works well. I would also like to use the server to backup
> files (for multiple users) from the Powerbook. I have played around
> with both NFS and netatalk (afpd) and both seem to be working, in that
> I can manually mount the shares on the Powerbook. I have got the NFS
> share to automount on the Powerbook but not the afp share. I can copy
> files to and from both the nfs and afp mounted shares, including
> resource forks. I have played with various backup utilities including
> rsync, psync and rdiff-backup with varying degrees of success.
> Some observations/questions
> 1. netatalk afp seems consistently and significantly faster than nfs.
> Is this to be expected or might I have a problem with nfs? If so how do
> I diagnose and fix it?
> 2. I would prefer to use nfs, because I can automount it on the
> Powerbook and run a cron (actually anacron) script to backup the
> multiple users. I haven't yet worked out how (or if) I can do this with
> afp (this is really a Mac question I know).
> 3. I would like to use a backup scheme which is automatic, invisible to
> the user, yet configured in a way that the archive can be navigated,
> and files appear in folders on the Mac finder in a consistent way (with
> resource forks set up correctly).
> All of this seems almost possible, yet I don't seem to have got it just
> right yet. Has anyone one any insight they can spread or experiences
> they can share of a similar set up?
> Alan
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