I quit

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at toybox.placo.com
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> Hello, 
> I have spent at least two weeks of my free time downloading 5.3 
> and trying to get it to work. 
> My opinion is that x.org isn't integrated quite well enough yet 
> for prime time. My BSD books don't have the new 
> commands and other information to be of any use and the Man pages 
> that downloaded were of no help either. 

Your problem is your under the mistaken assumption that you are
supposed to be downloading ISOs and such in order to get a 
non-Windows desktop.  Probably your not an IT professional and
coming at this from an end user perspective.

If that is the case then you want to quit fooling around with
downloading FreeBSD or Slackware or some baloney like that, and
go oout and BUY something like a Dell Precision n series 1
workstation with Red Hat Linux preloaded on it.  $959, a great deal.

Or, if your a cloner, go to your local chop-shop and buy one
of their Linux preloads.  Fry's Electronics even sells cheap
ones of these for about $200 on sale at times.

THOSE are the non-Windows, non-Apple solutions that the computer
industry has created for people like you and believe me, they are
VERY 'ready for prime time'

If you find this insulting I would suggest you consider that your
last machine you bought undoubtedly came with MS Windows preloaded
on it - are you insulted by that?

The ISO images that you download over the Internet are for techies
who WANT to learn how the system really works "underneith".  They
LIKE IT when things break down because how do you learn anything
if you don't have to fix a few problems?

They are NOT for people who just want a solid reliable system so they
can run "Trade Station".  For people like you who want to do that,
you are supposed to purchase your computer with Linux preloaded
on it - Microsoft would say exactly the same thing, although they
would say to buy a machine with Windows preloaded on it.

> Right now I have to have Windows up and running also and am 
> watching it go into a self destruct mode from somthing 
> that it downloaded from the net all by it's self with no human 
> operator touching it.  There are so many Popups I 
> had to pull the net cable just to stop it.  They don't get no respect. 
> It is my hope that the various Windows emulators will/are working 
> well enough to run some of my mission critical 
> programs.  Espesially 'Trade Station' .  I can't imagine having 
> thousands of dollars riding on Microsoft 
> reliability. 


VMware Workstation 4.5

Download the eval and find out.  If it works you purchase it and get
support.  Even better than the real Windows where you purchase it
and don't get support - you have to keep purchasing that in addition, too.


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