NFS mount issue

Colin J. Raven colin at
Sat Jan 8 07:04:30 PST 2005

Hi all,
I feel as if I've been grappling with this problem for months (I have, 
at least for 2 months AFAIK)

I'm trying to mount my home directory on my office box (5.3-RELEASE) 
on my home box (5.3-RELEASE) and there is  _no_  _way_ I have ever been 
able to make this work.

/etc/exports on the NFS server is configured correctly (other exports to 
other boxen work fine)
my entry reads:
/usr/home/colin -mapall root #home IP

when - from the console as root - I do:

mount -v office.nfs.server:/usr/home/colin /office-box
I get rewarded with this message:

[udp] office.nfs.server:/usr/home/colin: RPCPROG_MNT: RPC: 
Authentication error; why = Client credential too weak

I'm coming in from the IP specified in /etc/exports on the server
I'm doing it (as said above) as root
I followeed the directions on: to the letter
I HUP'd mountd on the server just to be sure

/var/log/messages on the server said (yes, you guessed it)
Jan  8 15:50:37 boxen mountd[393]: mount request from from 
unprivileged port

How...HOW do I solve this? I've been wrestling with this one simple 
problem forever now, and no matter what I try I cannot get my homedir 

Help _really_ would be appreciated!!

Regards & TIA,

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