NFS mount issue

Erik Norgaard norgaard at
Sat Jan 8 07:43:47 PST 2005

Colin J. Raven wrote:
> I'm trying to mount my home directory on my office box (5.3-RELEASE) on 
> my home box (5.3-RELEASE) and there is  _no_  _way_ I have ever been 
> able to make this work.
> /etc/exports on the NFS server is configured correctly (other exports to 
> other boxen work fine)
> my entry reads:
> /usr/home/colin -mapall root #home IP

Output of `showmount -e` is more usefull, then we can see what is 
actually exported. NFS is very sensitive to errors in exports. You 
probably don't want to use "-mapall root", but rather "-maproot=root", 
see exports(5). Get rid of the comment, just to be sure.

Second: What have you set in your rc.conf? Are all things up and running?

> when - from the console as root - I do:
> mount -v office.nfs.server:/usr/home/colin /office-box

You forgot to specify '-t nfs' or use 'mount_nfs' ?

> I get rewarded with this message:
> [udp] office.nfs.server:/usr/home/colin: RPCPROG_MNT: RPC: 
> Authentication error; why = Client credential too weak
> I'm coming in from the IP specified in /etc/exports on the server
> I'm doing it (as said above) as root
> I followeed the directions on:
> to the letter

That article is from 1998, take a look in the handbook. And if you 
scrool further down, it has been updated, 18 june 2004,

Today I encounted this error for the first time. I was compiling a 
kernel on my fast box and while I was waiting I set up the slow box. I 
did this:

     $ mount polo:/usr/src /usr/src
     polo:/usr/src: RPCPROG_MNT: RPC: Authentication error; why = Client 
credential too weak

That confused me. I checked /var/log/messageson the NFS server:

     mountd[95]: mount request from from unprivileged port

Ahhh! I wasn't root when I tried to mount! I su'd to root, and all was 

> How...HOW do I solve this? I've been wrestling with this one simple 
> problem forever now, and no matter what I try I cannot get my homedir 
> mounted.
> Help _really_ would be appreciated!!

I think it would help following an updated guide :-), I have had no 
problem exporting my /home. And, then post relevant settings from 
rc.conf, exports, `showmount -e` etc.

Cheers, Erik

PS: I note you are nfs-exporting across the internet, are you sure that 
is a good idea? Consider tunneling.

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