Supermicro Hardware and FreeBSD

Haulmark, Chris chris at
Wed Jan 5 09:22:58 PST 2005

Someone broke the silence: 

> One system cost me 3 months salary in Russia. Is this how you
> treat your users? Why can't your developer use the machine they used
> to make 5.3 work? 

Yes, I know things are expensive.  So are the rewards.  Would it be worth it?

The reason that Ted asked for a donation of the server is because apparently none of them have access to one to make FreeBSD work properly on this particular system architecture.  Ted's request is not the only thing that can be done.  You can even loan for a certain period of time if you wish.  The time period would have to be sufficent enough for the developers.

The developers can reward you (support for FreeBSD) if you give them something (donation money, parts, gimmericks).  That is why you got a free OS.

> Everyone tell me to use LINUX. Now I know why. You support
> bad slow version and not good one. Very stupid people.

FreeBSD is more organized and managed more professionally compared to many of the Linux distrubtion organizations.  That is why anyone will tell you to use anything except $THAT.

The FreeBSD development seems slow compared to Linux development for numberous of reasons.  I cannot and will not name them except for one.  We go for quality...not bleeding edge (I did that first!..but it's broken after few days).

Everyone in the world is perfect smart human exists. :)


> Boris
> Ted Mittelstaedt <tedm at> wrote:
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>> Subject: Supermicro Hardware and FreeBSD
>> None of the new Supermicro hardware I've tried works with Freebsd
>> 4.10 properly. I've seen that this has been reported by others.
>> They are all based on the 7520 and 7530 Intel chips. 5.3 works
>> ok, but a 3.4/800 processor on 5.3 is slower than a 3.06/533
>> processor on our old 7502 chipset based system with 4.9. What can
>> be done?
> Donate one of the systems to a FreeBSD kernel developer.
> Ted
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