Compiling FreeBSD 4.10 kernel with gcc native and gcc-3.4.3

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Sat Jan 1 12:01:51 GMT 2005

> Date: Sat,  1 Jan 2005 13:22:03 +0200
> From: dkouroun at
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[ removed -performance from CC list ]

> linking kernel
> ncr53c500.o: In function `ncv_world_start':
> ncr53c500.o(.text+0x415): undefined reference to `softintr'
> nsp.o: In function `nsp_world_start':
> nsp.o(.text+0xbab): undefined reference to `softintr'
> tmc18c30.o: In function `stg_world_start':
> tmc18c30.o(.text+0x2fc): undefined reference to `softintr'
> *** Error code 1
> So I cannot link!
> Any suggestions?

> 1:) How can I fix this?

Whack-a-mole until you're confident everything works correctly.  It's a
matter of trial and error.

> 2:) Why FreBSD 4.10 is using such an old compiler?

Nobody has upgraded it.  What's there is stable and works; nobody has
volunteered to replace it, test, and assure that all is correct.
Efforts are going toward RELENG_5 and CURRENT.  ]Note that I do not
speak in any official capacity, and am open to corrections, but would be
surprised if anyone disagreed.

> 3:) Has anybody tested FreeBSD 4.10 with gcc-3.4.X?

No.  See above URLs; gcc 3.4 scared me, so I backed off to 3.3.

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