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Paul Schmehl wrote:

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>> I am new to FreeBSD, and I am wondering what good,
>> easy-to-use and reliable FTP server FreeBSD can use. I
>> tried ProFTP, and had problem after problem. When I
>> figured out how to fix one error, I had another, after
>> another, after another. Are there any good
>> alternatives? I am using FreeBSD-4.8.
>> Also, how do you get Apache to point to a specific
>> directory? And, how would I use multipule domains on
>> the single machine, pointing them to a separate
>> directory? Would I need multipule domains?
>> I am attempting to use FreeBSD as a http server, ftp
>> server, PHPbb server, and possibly an IRC server. I
>> would be using at least two domains to start, and
>> possibly another two within a couple of months.
> Well you're certainly biting off more than most people could chew.  
> You not only are new to FreeBSD but also to ftp and http.  Hopefully 
> you have some substantial Unix experience.  If not, then you need to 
> stop now and find a knowledgeable friend.
> You need to read the Apache config docs and learn how to create 
> virtual domains on a web server.  You need to learn how to set up a 
> server securely. Who's going to handle dns for this(these) domain(s)?  
> If you're really going to run an IRC server, you need to be even 
> *more* knowledgeable.
> You have a lot of work ahead of you, and a lot of heatache if you 
> don't do it right.
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    It's really not that bad, if you've got the time to tinker.  Almost 
brand new to UNIX I got an FTP, HTTP, and ASP .NET server running fine 
and securely, and granted it took some time and frustration, I learned 
alot (But still have alot more to learn, and that was on Linux anyway). 
    However, at this stage in my education (Read: none, not *NIX-wise, 
anyway), FreeBSD is proving to be too much for me (Still haven't managed 
to get the firewall to do what I thought I told it to do, haven't even 
tried to setup FTP yet, ASP .NET server doesn't work period, etc) to 
chew :-).  I think FreeBSD is an awesome OS, and I'm sure I'll come back 
to it later, but this week I'm moving my server back to Debian 'till I 
learn a bit more about the nitty-gritty stuff.

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