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>I am new to FreeBSD, and I am wondering what good,
> easy-to-use and reliable FTP server FreeBSD can use. I
> tried ProFTP, and had problem after problem. When I
> figured out how to fix one error, I had another, after
> another, after another. Are there any good
> alternatives? I am using FreeBSD-4.8.
> Also, how do you get Apache to point to a specific
> directory? And, how would I use multipule domains on
> the single machine, pointing them to a separate
> directory? Would I need multipule domains?
> I am attempting to use FreeBSD as a http server, ftp
> server, PHPbb server, and possibly an IRC server. I
> would be using at least two domains to start, and
> possibly another two within a couple of months.
Well you're certainly biting off more than most people could chew.  You not 
only are new to FreeBSD but also to ftp and http.  Hopefully you have some 
substantial Unix experience.  If not, then you need to stop now and find a 
knowledgeable friend.

You need to read the Apache config docs and learn how to create virtual 
domains on a web server.  You need to learn how to set up a server securely. 
Who's going to handle dns for this(these) domain(s)?  If you're really going 
to run an IRC server, you need to be even *more* knowledgeable.

You have a lot of work ahead of you, and a lot of heatache if you don't do 
it right.

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