DLINK DWL-530 wireless a/b/g NIC and FreeBSD 4 and 5

Sandro Mancuso liquid at liquidonline.ca
Thu Feb 24 06:20:04 GMT 2005

Hi all,


I've read 2-3 archived posts to the -CURRENT mailing list dating back to
September about the atheros driver on FreeBSD not supporting the DLink
DWL-530.  I haven't seen much about it since, and a patch that was
available then didn't work for this particular model either.  Before I
go out and buy a DWL-520 instead, can anyone tell me if this model is
now supported on the atheros driver?


My goal is to use this NIC in my FreeBSD gateway and use it as an access
point as well.  This card seems great because it's got great speed,
backward compatibility and a detachable antenna that's more convenient
than if it were hiding behind the tower.




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