Removal of item from archive

Jason Stewart jstewart at
Wed Feb 23 13:44:31 GMT 2005

On 23/02/05 02:33 -0800, Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
> Beth, part of the problem here is that you have NEVER actually
> listed the post or posts you want removed in the archive, for example:
> .html
> the above is a specific post.  (not yours, by the way)  Unless you
> reference the posts you have a problem with like this, nobody is
> going to go to the bother
> of doing your work for you.  And if I was an archive owner I would
> ignore the kinds of "fishing expedition" requests you are making
> here - without listing the specific posts you could keep the
> owner running back and forth forever deleting post after post.

I'll do some of the legwork here. Doing a simple google search on reveals a spammy, dodgy past. My guess is that Beth has
been given the task of erasing this past so potential customers cannot
see the truth about 

See this post specifically to the freeBSD list back in 98:

The rest of the hits in google's usenet archive are to


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