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Thu Feb 24 10:21:43 GMT 2005

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> I'll do some of the legwork here. Doing a simple google search on
> reveals a spammy, dodgy past. My guess is that Beth has
> been given the task of erasing this past so potential customers cannot
> see the truth about 
> See this post specifically to the freeBSD list back in 98:

:-)  That may be true but that was over 8 years ago after all.
Perhaps they have changed.  At least the fact that they want
it erased shows that they aren't proud of their former spam
anymore, which is a step in the right direction.

Of course, an apology to the list for the spamming in the
first place followed by an explanation stating that Mr. So-and-So
who was pro-spamming had been fired, would be even better,
but you can't expect too much. :-)

Seriously, though, even though someone could find the posts on
Google, that's not good enough for a removal.  The person or
organization requesting the removal absolutely must state precisely
what they want removed if they have any chance of it happening.


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