Grainy X Windows and KDE.

Dmitri Furman dmitri_furman at
Thu Feb 17 17:29:05 GMT 2005

Thank you Greg.  Yes it is native resolution for the display.  This is what 
I run Windows on.  It is also using 60 Hz for refresh rate.

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>Subject: Re: Grainy X Windows and KDE.
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>Dmitri Furman wrote:
>>Dear FreeBSD experts.  Your help with this would be greatly appreciated. I 
>>spent a week now trying to setup FreeBSD on my Dell Dimension 8200 
>>Desktop.  Most of the time was spent setting up Xorg to work.  I have 
>>Nvidia video card GeForce MX4400 with 32 MB or RAM.  I had to rebuild 
>>kernel to make Nvidia driver work.  I am able to run in 1024x768 mode but 
>>picture is really grainy.  I specified depth at 24 and also tried 32.  I 
>>have a 15" Flat Panel monitor.  If anyone had any luck or has some 
>>pointers on what I have to do to resolve grainy colors problem please let 
>>me know what I need to do.  Thank you.
>Is 1024x768 the "native" resolution of your flat panel? My experience with 
>LCDs is that any deviation from the OEM's recommended resolution is likely 
>to result in an ugly display.
>The more expensive the panel is, the better it is likely to look at 
>alternate resolutions, but generally "there can be only one" with regard to 
>best image quality.
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