Grainy X Windows and KDE.

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Thu Feb 17 19:30:01 GMT 2005

Dmitri Furman wrote:
> Thank you Greg.  Yes it is native resolution for the display.  This is 
> what I run Windows on.  It is also using 60 Hz for refresh rate.
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>> Subject: Re: Grainy X Windows and KDE.
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>> Dmitri Furman wrote:
>>> Dear FreeBSD experts.  Your help with this would be greatly 
>>> appreciated. I spent a week now trying to setup FreeBSD on my Dell 
>>> Dimension 8200 Desktop.  Most of the time was spent setting up Xorg 
>>> to work.  I have Nvidia video card GeForce MX4400 with 32 MB or RAM.  
>>> I had to rebuild kernel to make Nvidia driver work.  I am able to run 
>>> in 1024x768 mode but picture is really grainy.  I specified depth at 
>>> 24 and also tried 32.  I have a 15" Flat Panel monitor.  If anyone 
>>> had any luck or has some pointers on what I have to do to resolve 
>>> grainy colors problem please let me know what I need to do.  Thank you.

Well, sorry it's not the simplest thing. Being an old school CLI 
mode server monkey, I don't really have any great X Windows 
expertise to offer.

FWIW, I set up a 5.3-STABLE box with all the latest gnome2 widgetry 
last week (thinking I might finally be able to stop my brother's use 
of dangerous MS-based web browsing habits if I gave him a 
non-Windows desktop). Although I recompiled a GENERIC kernel after 
cvsup, I didn't have any trouble getting the nvidia driver going 
(card is a 5200) or getting Xorg and gnome2 configured (thank you 
FreeBSD Gnome porters!). Since you mention recompiling your kernel 
to get the video card going, it might be helpful if you provided 
more detail to the list for those whose expertise might come to bear 
on it.

I might also suggest simple trial and error; if you can put a 
regular tube monitor on this system, and/or if you can try different 
X Windows configuration settings with the panel, it might be telling 
if the problem gets better or worse.

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