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> Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
> ...
> > of laziness.  In my case I unfortunately decided it might be
> a good thing
> > to use a Microsoft client mail program to handle e-mail.  This was a
> > decade ago.  I now have around ten thousand archived e-mail messages
> > accumulated in a massive *.pst file that I really want to keep - not
> > because
> > I want to look at all of them again some day, but because from time
> > to time I have to go digging around in that archive looking for some
> > specific piece from some specific person - sometimes these
> messages might
> > be 5-6 years old.
> >
> > One of these days though when I get some time, that file is going to
> > get exported so that I can get out of dealing with Outlook.  As it is
> ...
>    not sure how you plan to do the conversion but it looks
> like you are
> thinking about doing something with file itself. I'd install an IMAP
> server (it's good way to handle email anyway) and just use outlook to
> copy the emails from local folders (i.e. pst file) to an IMAP server.
> Pretty easy and you don't have to think about file formats
> etc., outlook
> does all the work for you.
>    (maybe you already knew this but I thought it would be
> useful to have
> it out here for all readers because I have seen people puzzling about
> how to get the email out from outlook and not considering this trivial
> solution)

Yes, that is how I was planning on doing it since I am already using IMAP

Note that for Outlook 98, and Outlook 2000, you MUST install Outlook in
"Internet mode" NOT "corporate/workgroup mode" in order to use IMAP with

This doesen't apply to Outlook Express, BTW.  Only to the Outlook that
with Office XXX.  They might have changed that in Outlook 2003 though.


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