Instead of, why not...

Anthony Atkielski atkielski.anthony at
Mon Feb 14 23:11:09 GMT 2005

Ted Mittelstaedt writes:

> Like Anthony, I do use Windows on the desktop myself.

Well, that says it all, doesn't it?

> But not exclusively.

If you had only one computer that could boot only one OS, which would it

> And, much more importantly, I will readily admit that I haven't
> switched over not because I'm claiming I can't, I haven't switched
> over because of laziness.

What's lazy about sticking with something that works?

> In my case I unfortunately decided it might be a good thing to use a
> Microsoft client mail program to handle e-mail. This was a decade ago.
> I now have around ten thousand archived e-mail messages accumulated in
> a massive *.pst file that I really want to keep - not because I want
> to look at all of them again some day, but because from time to time I
> have to go digging around in that archive looking for some specific
> piece from some specific person - sometimes these messages might be
> 5-6 years old.

Many e-mail programs can import messages from Outlook and/or Outlook
Express. When I switched to The Bat (mainly to better handle spam and
eliminate security issues), I was able to import all messages from
Outlook Express without any trouble.

> One of these days though when I get some time, that file is going to
> get exported so that I can get out of dealing with Outlook.  As it is
> now, Outlook is barely able to manage the archive, and usually crashes
> a couple times a day.  And it's such a well written program that when
> that happens, something internal to Windows gets jammed up and I have
> to do a shutdown and restart.

Microsoft likes to put all sorts of system hooks in its products.
That's why I've tried to get away from Microsoft applications.  I still
have a few legacy Microsoft applications that I haven't been able to get
rid of, however.  All the replacements run on Windows, also.


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