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Sun Feb 13 14:07:58 GMT 2005

On Feb 13 at 12:07, Erik Norgaard remarked sagely:

> Grant Peel wrote:
>> if I am putting together a new server, and need some x-tra args added to 
>> the mysql, php and apache sequence (i.e. addming the frontpage patch to the 
>> apache build) .. how would one do this in the port(s)?
> The options are unfortunately not always too well documented.

You sir, have an awesome and enviable talent for understatement! :)

> Some ports open a menu on your first install and lets you choose the options 
> you want. Your options are stored in a configure file for next time you 
> upgrade. This is the new way and should be expected in the future.

[singing] "Can't stop...thinkin' about tomorrow!" [/singing]

> Compiling apache with frontpage, you install your favorite flavour of apache, 
> then mod_frontpage. AFAIK, all the www/mod_ ports are modules for apache.

I have a funny (funny only in retrospect) story about apache, modules, 
and frontpage. In an earlier version of FreeBSD/Apache - having more 
courage than knowlege - bravely installed the frontpage module and 
irreperably blew up Apache forever. A complete reinstall was 
(regrettably) necessary. It was a lot more painful then than 
now...or...umm...perhaps I know a tad more now, than back then :). 
Nonetheless, I've never gone near the frontpage module since!
(sad, since I do so like FP personally)

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