Erik Norgaard norgaard at locolomo.org
Sun Feb 13 11:07:23 GMT 2005

Grant Peel wrote:

> if I am putting together a new server, and need some x-tra args added to 
> the mysql, php and apache sequence (i.e. addming the frontpage patch to 
> the apache build) .. how would one do this in the port(s)?

The options are unfortunately not always too well documented.

Some ports open a menu on your first install and lets you choose the 
options you want. Your options are stored in a configure file for next 
time you upgrade. This is the new way and should be expected in the future.

Till then, you'll have to look in the Makefile, there are typically a 
lot of WITH_ or WITHOUT_ options. When posible, I recommend installing 
with default options and configure those options manually, otherwise, 
remember to save your custom options somewhere. It makes upgrade easier.

Compiling apache with frontpage, you install your favorite flavour of 
apache, then mod_frontpage. AFAIK, all the www/mod_ ports are modules 
for apache.

Cheers, Erik

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