Freebsd vs. linux

Anthony Atkielski atkielski.anthony at
Sun Feb 13 08:30:55 GMT 2005

Chad Leigh -- Shire.Net LLC writes:

> I have not used that, but I doubt it beats using a real openssh client
> inside a unix based terminal emulator in terms of terminal emulation 
> and shell compatibility.

SecureCRT emulates a terminal, and does so in a way that is particularly
compatible with UNIX systems (with which it is very heavily used--the
vendor caters to UNIX users). It emulates eleven different types of
terminal, including VTxxx, Xterm, Vshell (proprietary, I think), WYSE,
SCO ANSI, and so on. You can set the desired base emulation and then
modify the details to get a terminal emulation that exactly suits you.

> As I said, I have not used this one, but all the other windows ones I
> have tried sucked royally.

This one was recommended by an ISP to me years ago, and it was so good
that I've never tried anything else.  See

> They exist.   A friend of mine had one running on w2000 several years
> ago logging into hi BSD and Linux boxes using xterm. It worked 
> reasonably well.

How much did he pay for it?  Many of the ones I saw cost hundreds or
thousands of dollars, and there was still no guarantee that they'd work
well.  The few free ones I tried did not work well at all.  I'm still
interested in learning more, though.  However, I won't run x-anything on
my FreeBSD system unless it will run without destabilizing changes to
the OS (no change in securelevel, no kernel reconfiguration, no special
system software modules or daemons).

> I do everything else on my Mac(s) including bookkeeping/accounting for
> a couple of businesses, credit card authorizations, software 
> development, email, browsing, netnews, Terminal and ssh into my FreeBSD
> and lone Linux servers, database admin, word processing, presentations,
> graphics/photo and video editing (not a lot of the latter 
> unfortunately), and many other things.

Having UNIX underneath surely helps, although it has broken some classic
Mac applications.

> And I am not a magnet for viruses, spyware, adware ...

The target is too small, few kiddies are interested in attacking it.

> ... I do not pay a MS tax anymore ...

You pay a double tax to Apple instead, for both software and hardware.

> And yes, Windows rots and decays, most likely from
> registry corruptions -- the registry is the dumbest thing they could do
> -- a single massive point of failure ...

No, they've done even worse: Active Directory.  I don't like those
single points of failure, either.  And even though the advantage of a
registry is supposed to be that it provides "one-stop shopping" for
configuration data, it turns out that the same data is often stored in a
dozen different places in the registry ... sometimes by different
releases of the same software (and some of that software is from
Microsoft, so they're just as guilty of it as anyone else).


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