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Sun Feb 13 08:18:25 GMT 2005

On Feb 13, 2005, at 12:54 AM, Anthony Atkielski wrote:

> Chad Leigh -- Shire.Net LLC writes:
>> Or if you are a BSD/UNIX/Linux admin.  It is a lot easier to ssh and 
>> do
>> all the other things you want with your unix-like servers from Mac OS 
>> X
>> than from Windows.
> Why?  I use SecureCRT and SecureFX for FTP, and both work beautifully.

I have not used that, but I doubt it beats using a real openssh client 
inside a unix based terminal emulator in terms of terminal emulation 
and shell compatibility.  As I said, I have not used this one, but all 
the other windows ones I have tried sucked royally.

> I've never found a solution for running an X Server on Windows,

They exist.   A friend of mine had one running on w2000 several years 
ago logging into hi BSD and Linux boxes using xterm. It worked 
reasonably well.

> but
> since I'm unwilling to run X on my production FreeBSD server, it hasn't
> been too much of an issue.  It will be if I decide to set up another
> machine with X.

I was not talking about an X11 server.  I do have one on my Mac but I 
rarely run it.   I occasionally have a need. I was talking about native 
Mac OS X capabilities and applications.  The userland is based on the 
FreeBSD one, though the underlying kernel and plumbing are a custom 
Mach solution.

Since OS X is a unix-life platform, and has the same toolchain and a 
very similar environment to FreeBSD and Linux, it  meshes a lot easier. 
  I have a Windows XP machine sitting here that dual boots with NT.  I 
rarely boot it though.  I do have one website that was developed in a 
Windows (-only) based program that needs to be updated occasionally 
(soon to be replaced by a WebObjects dynamic app)...  And a few games 
that I have not bothered to play in months are on the machine.

I do everything else on my Mac(s) including bookkeeping/accounting for 
a couple of businesses, credit card authorizations, software 
development, email, browsing, netnews, Terminal and ssh into my FreeBSD 
and lone Linux servers, database admin, word processing, presentations, 
graphics/photo and video editing (not a lot of the latter 
unfortunately), and many other things.  And I am not a magnet for 
viruses, spyware, adware, I do not pay a MS tax anymore (I don't plan 
on updating my Windows machine) and I am much more productive than I 
was when the Windows 2000 machine was my main workstation.  They  just 
work.  Something that Windows cannot always say (driver, dll, etc 
conflicts, screwed up registry [my W2000 machine is dying a slow death 
of rot and decay -- I have not a clue on what is wrong but it seems to 
decay over time as the registry corrupts and rots], etc).  I don't see 
lots of freeze ups and BSOD anymore on Windows --  that has gotten 
better -- but the inconsistencies and the rot and decay that gradually 
make the machines less stable (without the spyware/adware/malware too) 
is enough for me.  (And yes, Windows rots and decays, most likely from 
registry corruptions -- the registry is the dumbest thing they could do 
-- a single massive point of failure).  And I am a techno-geek -- not 
some average joe user who wouldn't have a clue.


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