My thoughts on the list as of late...

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> As I read *some* (mainly because there is far too much crap going in,
> and not enough decent content coming out) of the postings, I reflect
> back on my personal views on mankind as a whole.
> Being of a cynical nature - I tend to look at things with a
> "there must
> be a reason for this influx of crapoloa in".
> I come up with, divide and conquer. I'm starting to see a pattern in
> this list. Far too many users bickering about;
> 1. FreeBSD vs. (insert OS here)
> 2. 4.xx is better then 5.xx
> 3. Ports are crappy compared to ...
> 4. Too many dependencies compared to ...
> 5. FreeBSD is on SORBS ... what next?
> Etc. etc. etc. I suppose this could be just one big pissing contest,
> then again (being cynical) I tend to think it's a select "group" of
> users that are set out to divide and conquer.
> Keep the list in termoil, keep them bashing whom or whatever,
> keep them
> distracted from the real goals - so that when potential users want to
> investigate *BSD, they see the turmoil going on within the *BSD lists.
> Could that be a turn off to the potential new-comer? Very possible.
> Am I on target with this cynical point of view? Probably not however,
> ask yourself after reading a few weeks of the garbage that seeps into
> this list then pose that question again.
> I suppose it is all just coincidence that the list has become
> messy over
> the last few months. But is seems to me that it has increased more so
> since the posting on the FreeBSD site relating to the "Deep Study".
> Again, I'm not pointing fingers. Nor am I creating an innuendo. I'm
> simply drawing conclusions based on my view points and I
> thought I might
> share them in hopes that perhaps some of us will not respond to what I
> think are baiting posts.

Good thoughts - now, I have to ask the obligatory "Is there a question
somewhere here" before someone else does.

You do realize that without asking one, you are participating in the
non-question-based discussion you are trying to argue against, right?


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