OT: My thoughts on the list as of late...

Chris racerx at makeworld.com
Sat Feb 12 12:10:30 GMT 2005

As I read *some* (mainly because there is far too much crap going in, 
and not enough decent content coming out) of the postings, I reflect 
back on my personal views on mankind as a whole.

Being of a cynical nature - I tend to look at things with a "there must 
be a reason for this influx of crapoloa in".

I come up with, divide and conquer. I'm starting to see a pattern in 
this list. Far too many users bickering about;

1. FreeBSD vs. (insert OS here)
2. 4.xx is better then 5.xx
3. Ports are crappy compared to ...
4. Too many dependencies compared to ...
5. FreeBSD is on SORBS ... what next?

Etc. etc. etc. I suppose this could be just one big pissing contest, 
then again (being cynical) I tend to think it's a select "group" of 
users that are set out to divide and conquer.

Keep the list in termoil, keep them bashing whom or whatever, keep them 
distracted from the real goals - so that when potential users want to 
investigate *BSD, they see the turmoil going on within the *BSD lists.

Could that be a turn off to the potential new-comer? Very possible.
Am I on target with this cynical point of view? Probably not however, 
ask yourself after reading a few weeks of the garbage that seeps into 
this list then pose that question again.

I suppose it is all just coincidence that the list has become messy over 
the last few months. But is seems to me that it has increased more so 
since the posting on the FreeBSD site relating to the "Deep Study".

Again, I'm not pointing fingers. Nor am I creating an innuendo. I'm 
simply drawing conclusions based on my view points and I thought I might 
share them in hopes that perhaps some of us will not respond to what I 
think are baiting posts.

Just my -.02 cents from a cynical old man...

Best regards,

Old age is always fifteen years older than I am.

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