Please don't change Beastie to another crap logo such asNetBSD!!!

Oliver Leitner Shadow333 at
Thu Feb 10 17:05:21 PST 2005

alot of discussions going on the past 48 hours about this topic, i guess 
there is alot of room for explanations left, that ppls want to hear, why not 
give the ppls that actually stand behind FreeBSD and behind the logo contest 
or whatever it is a chance to tell us what they where thinking about when 
they started the contest?

also id like to know, *is* FreeBSD now coperate, like the previous poster 
tried to point out, or do we still have the bsd license here?

cheers on a late night discussion)

On Friday 11 February 2005 01:35, Frank J. Laszlo wrote:
> Anthony Atkielski wrote:
> >Frank Laszlo writes:
> >>Yes, Process colors being 4 plates, but rendered properly, it could be
> >>less.
> >
> >All process printing requires four (or six) colors. That's what process
> >means.
> >
> >>The current "logo" as it is shown on, COULD be printed on 2
> >>plates, as a 2 color job. those colors being black and red.
> >
> >Possibly.  It would still look odd, though.
> >
> >>This isnt an issue with todays modern digital 4 color presses such as
> >>the iGen3.
> >
> >It's an issue with any press.  Digital presses have less trouble with
> >registration, but they aren't any better at getting the line frequencies
> >higher.  Indeed, normal offset provides higher frequencies.
> >
> >>It has no problem with registration if ran by a qualified
> >>operator. Now if you are a 80's or 90's printer using an old heidelburg
> >>2 color press, sure.. registration is very difficult when dealing with
> >>small print and screens.
> >
> >What sort of printer would FreeBSD best be able to afford?
> Well, I'm not going into budget issues, but yes you have a point here. I
> am open to quote any print
> job if the FreeBSD Foundation so chooses to do official corporate print
> work. e.g. letterhead, business
> cards, printed manuals, etc.. I would of course give my normal discount
> as I do with any other non-profit
> organizations.
> >>Furthermore, anyone with experience in the modern printing world knows
> >>that getting high quality (and affordable) printed artwork on a small
> >>piece is very simple when using the right equipment.
> >
> >It doesn't matter what equipment you use.  Small artwork with lots of
> >fine detail reduces poorly; if it contains halftones, it reduces even
> >more poorly.
> Who says it has to be small? and how small are you talking for print
> work? on a CD? thats not very small IMHO. One
> should be able to attain excellent quality at that size. I consider
> "small" artwork to be < 1in.
> >>I've done several of these type of jobs on the iGen3 we have here at
> >>my office. Anyways, this is WAY off from the original post, So I end
> >>it with that.
> >
> >Actually it is highly relevant, since a key reason for developing a
> >simple logo is to make it easy to display and print.
> Getting back to the point at hand, the beastie is nothing more than a
> mascot. plain and simple. But people
> are talking like there will be no more beastie representing FreeBSD. I
> dont think this is the point.
> Also, whoever started that petition needs to actually get some inside
> information other than a "non publicized" (sp?)
> anouncement. The true intention of this logo contest is likely to give
> more of a corporate identity to freebsd as a whole.
> I am now done with this thread. Once again, I will end it. (hopefully) :)
> Kind Regards,
>     Frank Laszlo
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