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Thu Feb 10 01:57:33 PST 2005

.:PBS:. Medik wrote:

> I installed my copy of 4.6.2 cleanly on a machine, to avoid having to 
> find myself looking for more ports and programs to install I did a 
> complete installation without bothering with the configuration of 
> Xwindows ( as I will be accessing this box from SSH on a windows 
> machine) so I don't need the XFREE86 or however its called, hehe. So in 
> essence this is all being fine tuned by remote on LAN.

First, 4.6 is depreciated, since you are starting on a clean install, I 
suggest you start with a current release such as 4.11 or 5.3. For ease 
of future upgrade, I suggest 5.3. Get the first iso, no need for the rest.

Second, you might find yourself installing a few times before you get it 
right. Not that you get it wrong at first, but your needs might need to 
clear up. A full install is not recommended, you will get a system that 
requires more work to update. A minimal is better, since you can always 
add stuff as you need. Dependencies are resolved automatically if you 
use the ports.

For a workstation I choose X-Developer, for a server, no X.

> To answer your question about whether I'm downloading .iso, no I did 
> that for the first copy of the OS only and made a cd copy from windows 
> yes. But all further ports I grab are *.tar.gz straight from 
> yes and then ftp'd into my bsd box. I can unzip them fine then I'm stuck 
> with the tar to which I believe I 'untared' it correctly that now I have 
> an apache_1.3.33 folder, which to me seems fine, but I don't believe I 
> put it in the right directory tree.

It sounds like you are not installing from ports, this explains why 
apache fails to compile. You should get the ports tree in /usr/ports, then

# cd /usr/ports/www/apache13
# make
# make install

if you get an error, retry and you can catch all the output using script:

# script apache_build.log
# make
# exit

see if you can locate the problem if not copy the relevant part of the 
output when asking here.

cheers, Erik
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