.:PBS:. Medik Medik at
Wed Feb 9 11:30:10 PST 2005

Thank you for replying so quickly.

And to further tell you my problem here goes:
I installed my copy of 4.6.2 cleanly on a machine, to avoid having to find 
myself looking for more ports and programs to install I did a complete 
installation without bothering with the configuration of Xwindows ( as I 
will be accessing this box from SSH on a windows machine) so I don't need 
the XFREE86 or however its called, hehe. So in essence this is all being 
fine tuned by remote on LAN.

To answer your question about whether I'm downloading .iso, no I did that 
for the first copy of the OS only and made a cd copy from windows yes. But 
all further ports I grab are *.tar.gz straight from yes and then 
ftp'd into my bsd box. I can unzip them fine then I'm stuck with the tar to 
which I believe I 'untared' it correctly that now I have an apache_1.3.33 
folder, which to me seems fine, but I don't believe I put it in the right 
directory tree.

Also I have printed out the better part of the FBSD handbook, but right now 
I think I'm having an info overload. I've been at this for roughly 2 weeks 
now, out of stubbornness I didn't wish to disturb anyone with this, but my 
buddy who tutored me way back when has since gone away.

I can supply you with more info if you wish, as this is perhaps only the 
tip of my iceburg.. :)
Thanks again,


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