Help to get Sound functioning on FreeBSD 5.3

albi albi at
Tue Feb 8 16:44:24 PST 2005

Ean Kingston wrote:

> I've been having problems getting sound to work on FreeBSD 5.3. It worked find 
> on 4.10 (before the upgrade) using the new sound system.

----------- quote handbook ------------
If you are not sure which driver to use, you may try to load the 
snd_driver module:

# kldload snd_driver

This is a metadriver loading the most common device drivers at once. 
This speeds up the search for the correct driver. It is also possible to 
load all sound drivers via the /boot/loader.conf facility.

     Note: Under FreeBSD 4.X, to load all sound drivers, you have to 
load the snd module instead of snd_driver.

A second method is to statically compile in support for your sound card 
in your kernel. The section below provides the information you need to 
add support for your hardware in this manner. For more information about 
recompiling your kernel, please see Chapter 8. Configuring a Custom Kernel with Sound Support

The first thing to do is adding the generic audio driver sound(4) to the 
kernel, for that you will need to add the following line to the kernel 
configuration file:

device sound
------------------ end quote ------------

you followed all of that ? (just to be sure)
and did you check the mixer-settings ?

> Any suggestions on a simple command line tool to test the sound system out?

in KDE you might encounter issues with artsd,
try ctrl-alt-F2, and then e.g. ogg123 (vorbis-tools) or mpg321 are
simple commandline tools to test your sound (in KDE there are some
small ogg-files for certain programs already, try locate or find)


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