Very general shutdown question

Steven freebsd at
Sun Feb 6 15:03:16 PST 2005

Hello Ned,

you can add the user to the operator group. it is possible to run 
shutdown then (but not halt etc).

You could also create a shutdown user with a login shell pointing to a 
shutdown script.

Kind regards


Ned Harrison wrote:

>I run FreeBSD 5.3 on my home PC in a stand alone machine as a desktop.   Is it 
>possible to set it up so an ordinary user can shut the system?  I've created 
>a couple of accounts that are not in the wheel group so I can give friends 
>and house guests the chance to play on a non-Microsoft system.   I don't want 
>to give them root access just to shut it down.
>None of the books which I have discuss using FreeBSD in this way.  They are 
>mostly geared to setting up networks running it for businesses.  Areas where 
>one may not want an ordinary user to be able to shutdown the machine.  
>However, I prefer having the machine off when I'm not on it.  If it's not 
>possible that fine I can continue working around it like I do now.
>Thank you
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