Very general shutdown question

Ned Harrison nedsmailbox2 at
Sun Feb 6 14:41:51 PST 2005

I run FreeBSD 5.3 on my home PC in a stand alone machine as a desktop.   Is it 
possible to set it up so an ordinary user can shut the system?  I've created 
a couple of accounts that are not in the wheel group so I can give friends 
and house guests the chance to play on a non-Microsoft system.   I don't want 
to give them root access just to shut it down.

None of the books which I have discuss using FreeBSD in this way.  They are 
mostly geared to setting up networks running it for businesses.  Areas where 
one may not want an ordinary user to be able to shutdown the machine.  
However, I prefer having the machine off when I'm not on it.  If it's not 
possible that fine I can continue working around it like I do now.

Thank you

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