Is there a way to connect to a Microsoft VPN?

WOB wayofbsd at
Wed Aug 31 05:23:14 GMT 2005

> I use /usr/ports/net/pptpclient to connect to a MS VPN endpoint and 
> /usr/ports/net/rdesktop to "Remote Desktop" to my XP machine at the 
> office.  Works great.
This sounded like what I needed to do.

When I run the pptp client, it doesn't appear to do anything.  I did the 

  cd /usr/ports/net/pptpclient
  make install clean
  cd /usr/ports/net/rdesktop
  make install clean

I found these instructions at FreeBSD Diary and tried to follow them:

My connection information is as follows:

  My workplace's outside VPN Name:
  My workplace's outside VPN external IP: 100.200.300.16
  My workplace Username: wob
  My workplace Password: wobpassword
  My Workplace's Windows XP Pro PC:
  My Workplaces Internal Subnet: 5.10.15.x

  My home FreeBSD's IP:
  My FreeBSD's machine NIC: fxp0
  My home router's IP:

So I made a /etc/ppp/ppp.conf file:

    set authname wob
    set authkey wobpassword
    set timeout 0
    set ifaddr 0 0
    add 100.200.300.16/24 HISADDR
    alias enable yes

Then I ran it as root:
  cd /etc/ppp
  /usr/local/sbin/pptp WORKVPN

The program seems to run for about 5 seconds, then returns to shell 
prompt.  I then tried:

  /usr/local/sbin/pptp WORKVPN --loglevel 2


  /usr/local/sbin/pptp 100.200.300.16 WORKVPN --loglevel 2

But it still did not print out anything.

  ifconfig tun0


  tun0: flags=8010<POINTOPOINT,MULTICAST> mtu 1500

I think I might have to add a route command once the "tunnel" is up.  My 
understanding is, is that the pptp client is not supposed to return to 
the shell prompt until I cancel it with a CTRL-C.  I normally use my 
home Windows XP Pro box to connect to my works VPN, and then use 
RemoteDesktop to connect to my Work PC - so I know the connections work 
under Windows.  I want to get rid of my home Windows box.

Any suggestions?  I'm kinda new, but I am trying to learn.

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