Is there a way to connect to a Microsoft VPN?

Eric Schuele e.schuele at
Tue Aug 30 18:40:22 GMT 2005

WOB wrote:
> Hi,
> Is there a way to connect my FreeBSD 5.4 box to a Microsoft VPN?  
> Basically, I use FreeBSD at home, and want to connect to my XP Pro box 
> at work.  On Linux, I think they have a VPN program you can run, then 
> you can use rdesktop to connect to a Windows host on the VPN LAN.  On 
> FreeBSD, I have used rdesktop to control a XP Pro box, but it was in my 
> house.  I tried this a year ago, but I don't think there was a way to 
> get the VPN connection going, unless I bought a VPN-router, or was 
> running Windows inside VMWare.
> I also tried to make a VPN connection from inside QEMU, but it did not 
> work.
> Is amyone able to connect a home FreeBSD box to a remoted XP Pro box 
> that is on a VPN?

I use /usr/ports/net/pptpclient to connect to a MS VPN endpoint and 
/usr/ports/net/rdesktop to "Remote Desktop" to my XP machine at the 
office.  Works great.


> I have a DSL modem, and a router from my ISP.  I might be able to buy 
> another router that supports VPN's, and add it to my home LAN, and plug 
> my FreeBSD box in to it (or buy another NIC and plug the 2nd NIC in to it).
> thanks!
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