Is there a way to connect to a Microsoft VPN?

Lyubich, M lyubich-freebsd1 at
Wed Aug 31 07:35:29 GMT 2005

On Wed, 2005-08-31 at 01:23 -0400, WOB wrote:
> I normally use my 
> home Windows XP Pro box to connect to my works VPN, and then use 
> RemoteDesktop to connect to my Work PC - so I know the connections work 
> under Windows.  I want to get rid of my home Windows box.
> Any suggestions?  I'm kinda new, but I am trying to learn.

Take a look on /var/log/ppp.log. Probably, it will give you a bit more

On another note, I tried pptp few days ago and did not succeed, then I
moved to mpd and it has working.  

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