MS 9129 wont boot 5.4CD but will 4.11

Gary W. Swearingen garys at
Wed Aug 17 05:51:52 GMT 2005

Chris Ryan <chris.ryan at> writes:

> starts all normally until the boot from CD:.....

I would first boot another unixy OS off HDD or Live CD and compute the
md5 checksum of the CD (maybe using "dd bs=2k ..." once to "size"
the CD and once to exclude that last two blocks) and compare with
the checksum listed at  Or make another CD or
CD image and compare md5sums or just diff the two CDs or CD & image.

If OK, and I was pretty convinced that there was a bug of some kind,
I'd try asking on the 5.4 mailing list, freebsd-stable, and/or file a
formal problem report, or since such problems are tough to debug,
especially by those without the hardware in question, I might just
boot off a floppy (images are on the CD) or install from an older OS
version until I could upgrade from the new CD using sysinstall after
booting the older OS from the HDD.

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