MS 9129 wont boot 5.4CD but will 4.11

Chris Ryan chris.ryan at
Wed Aug 17 04:59:00 GMT 2005


We have a microstar model ms9211 1ru server with p4 1.3 512mb ram...

Mobo ms 9129 Ver 1

It boots all other cd's inc many other os's inc freeBSD 4.10 [ which was
running fine for a long time on this box ]

With 5.4 it doesn't even boot the CD

WB Fasttrack "lite" Bios 2.00.1030.27

Scans ide drives etc etc and

starts all normally until the boot from CD:.....

Btloader starts I think [ very quick before panic]

then screen dumps..looks like int 0000000d err 00000000

I have run this with hyper threading enabled and disabled.

Any suggestions

Thanks in advance 



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