MS 9129 wont boot 5.4CD but will 4.11

Chris Ryan chris.ryan at
Wed Aug 17 12:53:36 GMT 2005

Hi Gary [and all]

 Or make another CD or
> CD image and compare md5sums or just diff the two CDs or CD & image.

Have tried 3 diff versions including the boot only image , and from diff
mirrors .... Checked checksum etc...[ cd's work on other machines ]

> If OK, and I was pretty convinced that there was a bug of some kind,
> I'd try asking on the 5.4 mailing list,

Will post orig email to freebsd-stable - any other info I should provide
them from the original email?

 freebsd-stable, and/or file a
> formal problem report, or since such problems are tough to debug,
> especially by those without the hardware in question, I might just
> boot off a floppy (images are on the CD) or install from an older OS
> version until I could upgrade from the new CD using sysinstall after
> booting the older OS from the HDD.

No floppy as 1ru server... But can improvise for install :) and will try
older os then sysinstall

Thanks heaps Gary :)


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