Organizing the output of make etc.

Andrew Robinson andrewr at
Wed Sep 29 16:27:17 PDT 2004

Hi everyone,

I'm administering my own little hobby system.  Great fun.  I notice
that when I make targets, usually through portupgrade, a great deal of
text flies by.  Some of it is of obvious immediate use, such as this
advice from Subversion:

Make sure that:
* all your svn users are members of a common group
* this group is the group id of the db/ and locks/
  subdirectories of your repository
* the above subdirectories are writable by this group

and some of it is not, unless the upgrade or installation fails, eg,
the output from each compilation.

What I'd like to know is: how do you more experienced types cope with
this information flow?  

I'd like to use a little script that winnows out the useful advice
from the recover-from-catastrophe-maybe advice, and then emails
selections to root, with appropriate subject line, etc.  Does anyone
have a similar script,?  If not I'll have a bash at writing one.  If
so, I'd love to use it.

Thanks for any ideas!

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