Are there step-by-step VMWare instructions?

bsdfsse bsdfsse at
Wed Sep 29 15:09:52 PDT 2004

I am beginning to try and run the vmware3 port on FreeBSD-5.3beta6.

First I "upgraded" the machine to 5.3-Stable by putting "RELENG_5" in my 

Next I went in to /usr/ports/emulators/vmware3 and ran:
   make install

I rebooted and ran "vmware &" in a command window, and then entered my 
Linux licsense serial number.

One of the first things it asked me, was what network device to bind to 
"vmmonet" (I think), so I entered "fxp0" - which now I wonder if it 
should have been "/dev/fxp0".

After completing the install, I rebooted so it would run its start script.

Next I used the wizard to make Win2000 Professional system, and copied 
the Win2000 Pro ISO over to this machine. I configured the vm's cdrom to 
be the Win2000 ISO file, so I could install it.

When the VM machine boot, it couldn't find the mouse, so I selected (I 
think) "/dev/mouse" and that error went away.  Them it would not go past 
  this error:

    Cannot attach shared memory segment: Invalid argument.
    Failed to initialize SVGA device.

I looked up on Google and found this:

"ake sure that you have sysctl
kern.ipc.shm_allow_removed set to 1"

So I made the change he suggested, rebooted, and it did get past that error.

When it came up, it complained about not being able to bind vmnet, then 
the machine locked up solid.

Now I made a new virtual machine, and tried to install without 
networking inside the vm, and it the machine 99% locked (the mouse 
sometimes moves).

I can't shell in using putty.exe either.

It would really be nice if there was some step-by-step instructions, it 
would make it easier for people to switch to FreeBSD (like I'm doing). 
I am trying to document things as I go along, so if such doucments do 
not exist, mine can be used by the next guy.

The above link I found is an example of the knowledge being spread 
around, maybe we can collect it in to one spot?

I can post more detailed errors if this document does not exist, I 
thought I would ask first in case it did.


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