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> Hi everyone,
> I'm administering my own little hobby system.  Great fun.  I notice
> that when I make targets, usually through portupgrade, a great deal of
> text flies by.  Some of it is of obvious immediate use, such as this
> advice from Subversion:
> Make sure that:
> * all your svn users are members of a common group
> * this group is the group id of the db/ and locks/
>   subdirectories of your repository
> * the above subdirectories are writable by this group
> and some of it is not, unless the upgrade or installation fails, eg,
> the output from each compilation.
> What I'd like to know is: how do you more experienced types cope with
> this information flow?  

this article should add a few tricks to your bag.  page 2 should be the
most relevant to the question at hand::

while you're there, check out the many other useful articles.
click on 'All Articles' under 'BSD Content' (on the left-side frame).

another option would be to use /usr/bin/script, although that doesn't
filter out any of the build messages.

> I'd like to use a little script that winnows out the useful advice
> from the recover-from-catastrophe-maybe advice, and then emails
> selections to root, with appropriate subject line, etc.  Does anyone have
> a similar script,?  If not I'll have a bash at writing one.  If so, I'd
> love to use it.
> Thanks for any ideas!
> Andrew
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