Need help with dying drive/restoring data

Jonathon McKitrick jcm at
Mon Sep 20 14:34:49 PDT 2004

Okay, I found that the fixit disk is able to mount the filesystem on the
dying drive.  But I have a couple of problems.

1.  Since this is a laptop (no CD-R or other mass storage besides the drive)
I need a way to get a few big tarballs made and sent elsewhere.  I don't
think a floppy will work.  I have a parallel port zip drive I will try
tomorrow.  I can't figure out how to get my wi interface up.  I loaded the
kld, inserted the card and heard it beep, but no interface shows up, or at
least pccardd didn't load it correctly.  Not sure what to do next.

2.  My /usr partition is on slice ad0s1g, but mount on the fixit disk
doesn't recognize that device.  How can I mount this slice?

My other computer is your Windows box.

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