Need help with dying drive/restoring data

Jerry McAllister jerrymc at
Mon Sep 20 15:28:02 PDT 2004

> Okay, I found that the fixit disk is able to mount the filesystem on the
> dying drive.  But I have a couple of problems.
> 1.  Since this is a laptop (no CD-R or other mass storage besides the drive)
> I need a way to get a few big tarballs made and sent elsewhere.  I don't
> think a floppy will work.  I have a parallel port zip drive I will try
> tomorrow.  I can't figure out how to get my wi interface up.  I loaded the
> kld, inserted the card and heard it beep, but no interface shows up, or at
> least pccardd didn't load it correctly.  Not sure what to do next.

Can you plug in a direct ethernet line and transfer stuff somewhere
if you can't get the wireless to go?
> 2.  My /usr partition is on slice ad0s1g, but mount on the fixit disk
> doesn't recognize that device.  How can I mount this slice?

Possibly it is now showing up as a different number drive
such as may no longer disk 0, but disk 1 - as in ad1s1g.
Just a wild guess.


ps, You don't mount the slice.  You mount the device - actually the 
file system in the partition which you are identifying as 'g' which 
is in slice '1' on disk 0 (unless it has renumbered the disk to '1' or 
 - just clarifying terminology.    

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