Need help with dying drive/restoring data

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Mon Sep 20 11:43:16 PDT 2004

This may sound peculiar, but take your drive out and put it in the freezer
overnight and then quick as all can be put it in and boot up and get off
what you can. I've used this technique multiple time to great success.

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Subject: Need help with dying drive/restoring data

Hi all,

Help!  My laptop drive seems to be dying, and while I did keep backups, the
last one was a bit old.

When I boot up, the drive makes clanking sounds I've never heard before, and
never finishes the load.  I'm going to make a rescue disk, but does anyone
have a strategy for how I could handle the delicate job of getting my
updated data off the drive without making matters worse?  So far, I figure I
will boot the rescue disk and try to mount the filesystems.

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