nforce2 vs. apic

Andriy Gapon avg at
Fri Sep 17 04:38:00 PDT 2004

on 16.09.2004 23:35 yuri van Overmeeren said the following:
> You could check the abit site and update/flash the mainboard with the
> latest bios.
> but I'm not sure about the 'official' fixed status of the nf7 and nf7
> V2.0. Btw when flashing the bios make sure you get the correct bios, you
> can check your board to see if you have a normal NF7 or NF7 v2.0.
> flashing it with the wrong bios means bye bye bios.

this is the next thing on my list, thanks

> -I suggest chipmakers make a new standard for something and call it
> 'apci', just to keep things clear...-

the more the merrier

Andriy Gapon

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