nforce2 vs. apic

yuri van Overmeeren yuri.vanovermeeren at
Thu Sep 16 13:35:06 PDT 2004

Andriy Gapon wrote:

>on 16.09.2004 15:46 yuri van Overmeeren said the following:
>>5.2.1 freezes on a nforce2 mainboard with apci, I have a nforce2 (same
>>abit board) based machine here running freebsd, never got the
>>5.2.1-release to work with acpi.
>>It was fixed a little while after the release, 5-current has been
>>running on the nforce2 for a while.
>>If you can wait untill the 5.3-release,which should be in about 2~3
>>weeks, (and run 5.2.1 without acpi for that time) I would do that, 5.3
>>no longer has the lock-up issue.
>have you really talked about acpi or apic ? Because I was talking about
>apic. I have acpi enabled and apic disabled and that works fine. But I
>want to try to enable apic.
:) oopsy I was talking about acpi, since that was also in the url you 
referred too (I should read better ->smacks self). From what I've heard 
the apic doesn't work too well on nforce2 boards, appearantly there is 
an updated version of the bios that might fix this problem, I've read 
somewhere (little while ago) of a beta version of the new abit nf7 bios 
that fixes apic problems.

You could check the abit site and update/flash the mainboard with the 
latest bios.

but I'm not sure about the 'official' fixed status of the nf7 and nf7 
V2.0. Btw when flashing the bios make sure you get the correct bios, you 
can check your board to see if you have a normal NF7 or NF7 v2.0. 
flashing it with the wrong bios means bye bye bios.

-I suggest chipmakers make a new standard for something and call it 
'apci', just to keep things clear...-


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